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About the Stud

Welcome at Stud Tusindfryd

I bought the first registered Shetland Pony in Autumn 1999.

The first own breed was born in 2004. It was Tusindfryds Nessie, who was at Evaluation Scheme in 2007. Here Nessie was placed first in her class and was the only 3 years old mare on Zealand, which was placed in the highest class we have Denmark: 1. Kl. Same year Nessie passed a test in long lines, and the result here was 1 prize - and top character for her temper (10 point). There are still not many mares who have passed an approved test in Denmark.

As I like to have all my ponies in hand every day to get good contact with each of them, the numbers of Shetland ponies are not many.

All my ponies are of very high quality and with very good temper.

Except my oldest ponies I have a goal of all my ponies - both stallions, mares and geldings - which is that they all pass a test

The earliest I serve mares with a stallion is usually when the mare has reached 4 years, while the time as a breding mare in time can begin. In 2009 I also decided that my mares shall not be served by a stallion each year. They must be allowed to go along with their foals for some time.

My foals is primarily named with Scottish nicknames ore English names

My dream-pony does not have a specific size, while each size has it own charm. However I decided in 2010 primarily to focus on breeding high (big) standard ponies.

My hope is to breed high quality typical Shetland Ponies with good element - strong Boons, Hove, Shetland Pony appearance and good Shetland Pony movements. Most important is that each pony has a very good temper, and at last: A pony does not have a "wrong" color - color are "just something you put on". It's all the other things that is important.

In Autumn 2017 I bought my first Highland pony: West Lodge Abigail. A 5 years old beautifull mare. On my reguest she was served by a stallion before leaving Scothland on her lon journey to Denmark. In June 2018 Abigail got a just amazing filly named Tusindfryds HP-Wendy.

Stutteri Tusindfryd | Birkegaardsvej 45, DK-4370 Store Merloese - Denmark | Tlf.: +45 60881441 | tusindfryd@postkasse.net